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Poster: Edward_Aylward Date: Mar 15, 2022 3:51am
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: current state of the SFLan project

I propose that you write an open source mesh networking program that can be ran on Android and IOS. This would then make everyone's phone a dynamic mesh router that networks with every other phone in range, effectively creating one huge network that would not need a carrier that you pay every month. Technology is already there, but good luck with the telco's letting everyone run it. Guess it's about time for open source phones. Oh wait, that will never ever happen either. Makes no sense... You can build your own computer, write your own software, but STILL cannot build your own phone? Wake up people. It's not that damn difficult is it? Must be... Look at what Google did with project Ara... After developing it for 2 plus years with the open source community and spending billions, they decide to $hit can the whole endeavor because they couldn't figure out how to get the hardware to physically stay together?... Someone please give me a tall cool glass of kill myself.

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Poster: Topcer88 Slot Online Date: Mar 28, 2023 4:52am
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: current state of the SFLan project